Atlas Demonstrator

Version 7 by Stephane Carrez

Atlas is an online application that provides a blogging system, a question & answer area and a document storage space. It shows the different plugins and features provided by the Ada Web Application framework.

The goal of Atlas is to show you some interesting features provided by Ada Web Application so that you can try them, look at their implementation and learn how you may use and extend Ada Web Application for your own needs.

AWA Overview

AWA is a flexible Web application framework intended to help in designing Web application servers. It is composed of several configuration components also called modules or plugins. Components are classified in three categories.

The System Components represent the core components onto which all other components are based. These component don't provide any real functionality for a final user but they are necessary for the Web application to operate.The General Purpose Components are components which provide generic functionalities that can be plugged and used by functional components.The Functional Components implement a final functionality for a user.

Atlas Overview

Atlas uses most of the AWA components and provides its own simple plugins to show how to write your own plugins. It uses the Google and Facebook authentication so that you can easily log in and play with the Atlas features.

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